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Node display

An essential feature in Daxe is the possibility to display and edit XML element in different ways, whatever their types in the XML schema. For instance, a table element can be displayed as a table, and an element linking to an image can be displayed as an image. The objective is to ease document editing, without losing of sight their semantics : elements will not be displayed as they will be seen in web pages or PDF documents, but simply with a user interface making edition easier and highlighting the meaning of the elements.

Element definition

  • Element display

    Specifies how an element will be displayed in Jaxe

  • Parameter

    A display parameter, depending on the display type (see below for a list).

  • Suggested value

    Value suggested to the user when the schema does not limit authorized values.

  • Attribute display

    Can be used to suggest attribute values.

Element tree

Element tree under Display :

  • Display (Element display)+
    • Element display @element @type (Parameter | Suggested value | Attribute display)*
      • Parameter @name @value
      • Suggested value
      • Attribute display @attribute (Suggested value+)
        • Suggested value
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