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Menus defined in config files are displayed above Daxe's text area, after the file and edit menus.

Element definition

  • Menu

    A main menu, possibly containing sub-menus.

  • Insertion menu

    A menu to insert an XML node at the cursor position. The node name and the node type (element by default) must be specified. It is also possible to specify a keyboard shortcut, with the corresponding key.

  • Function menu

    Menu to execute a function with its name. The only predefined function in Jaxe is jaxe.FonctionNormal, which is used to remove all the styles in a text area. Other functions can be added by extending Daxe.

  • Separator

    Menu separator.

Element tree

Element tree under Menus :

  • Menus (Menu+)
    • Menu @nom (Menu | Insertion menu | Function menu | Separator)+
      • Insertion menu @name @node type (element|instruction|comment) @shortcut
      • Function menu @name @class @shortcut
        • Parameter @name @value
      • Separator
      • Menu
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