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Launching Daxe

The daxe directory on the web server should simply be a copy of the web directory after a build. These files are static and should be cached for better performance. The daxe.html is used for debugging with Dartium, and can be removed in production. The file to launch is named daxe_js.html after a build, and is usually renamed daxe.html for simplicity.

Daxe is using the whole HTML document, using the URL to read parameters. It can be included in an iframe to fit inside a larger document.

The config directory can be purged of configurations that are not used, although they will not cause additional requests if left there. The configuration files are the ones ending in _config.xml, and they are often used with a schema file with a name ending in .xsd.

The following parameters can be passed to the HTML file, as GET parameters. Paths can be relative to the HTML file.


  • config: the URL or path to the configuration file (required)
  • file: the URL or path to the file to be edited (optional, a new document is created if it is not specified)
  • save: the URL or path to the server script used to save a document (optional, the save menu does not appear if it is not specified)
  • application: should be true for a desktop application (this adds the Open and Quit menus, and tells the server to quit at the end)
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